There is so much misunderstanding about what God is doing in our lives today, that God is the Cause of everything (good or bad), in mankind life. But this is one of the biggest mistakes ever interpreted from the scriptures. I mean the Bible begins with God Himself, giving mankind complete authority over this earth. (Gen. 1:26) Now why would God give mankind complete authority if mankind couldn't have completed authority over this earth? So you argue, "God is still creating babies! Got you. No God is not still creating babies, God gave mankind the ability to recreated himself, the same as trees recreate themselves. Think about it with your heart. Why would God Almighty create babies in poverty, or allow prostitutes to get pregnant? Why would God the Father give babies to people who don’t want them?
Gen 1, shows, that God created everything before He created mankind. And everytime God finished creating He said it was good. And when God finished creating mankind in His Image and Likeness He said it was very good. God FINISHED working on mankind, the same way He finished working on all His other creations. Why is it we never hear birds, or trees, or the sun, or the ocean complaining against God.

This Image of God is what God instilled in every man, which gives mankind Godlike authority on Earth. Notice God gave this power to mankind only. Which means nothing on earth is as powerful as mankind. God purposed it that way, because God Blessed mankind and told them to use all the resources on earth for the betterment of mankind, in a service to God. (Gen. 1:28) Just think of how pleasant it would be if mankind followed this verse. And be sure to keep in mind that God is giving mankind this authority first, before He finishes all His work and takes a rest. If God had been going to continue creating, the Bible would have said God almost finished His work and took a break. Then mankind is justified in thinking God was the cause of his problems. But, if the Bible tells us that God saw everything He had created and said it was good, then rested from all His creating, we must believe that God is no longer working, and God never created anything after His rest.

Now to show how God is working in our lives today is very simple if you are open to the Spirit leading. Have you ever heard of God planting more trees, or making a more modern version of mankind? Why not? Because similarly God gave trees the ability to reproduce themselves He also gave mankind the ability to reproduce himself. The power of greatness was instilled in mankind, from the beginning, through his Godlike image. The imagination to take plants and turn them into medicine is God’s imag-ination working in man. Here, we see God provided everything man needed, to keep mankind in authority. This is how God is working in our lives today. Through the same Spirit, from the beginning, we are finding new ways to better mankind’s lives. Everything we need to have a better life is provided.

When man moves from a state of petitioning God to a state of thankfulness, then mankind will truly be living the life God intended him to live. And let me assure you that living below God’s intended expectations, for His image, is an insult to God. No loving father would rejoice at seeing his children fail. And no loving father would punish his children for failing or give tests to teach them right from wrong. How can a loving father be judgmental?

Now some people try to verify God working in their lives because their prayers were answered. It works like this, when our prayers are answered; it is because we believed, and received what God intended for us to receive from the beginning. The Bible states that everything asked agreeing to the word of God shall be given to us. The reason the Bible can make such a statement is because God already gave us the right to be great, and the resources to acquire greatness. But, God will not insist on us being great, if we decide against greatness, neither will God punish us for not being great. It is entirely dependent upon every person to accept what God has given him, and not blame God for his shortcoming.

Speaking on angels and why they are involved in our lives is also easily explained when we see why God created enough angels, in the beginning, to fulfill all His commands. Every person, on earth, was given enough angels to take care of them. Angels today are doing the purpose God created them to do, in the beginning. They will protect us from dangers we cannot see, with our natural eyes. Angels step in when there is a need for help beyond human strength. Let me say that angels are doing and will always be at mankind’s aid whenever needed. Angels never refuse to help all those who want their help. But on the other hand angels don’t insist on people following them. The same angels that are helping you are the angels that helped Moses, Abraham, Elisha, and David.
This is how God works in our lives, everything that was present when God said mankind had authority is still aware of mankind’s God given ability. Anytime we need heavenly assistance we give thanks for all that is already our, and receive our blessings.
Lastly let me touch on storms and earthquakes, long enough to clarify that God also finished the earth atmosphere in the beginning, but it is constantly changing. Lots of these changes are due to man’s destruction of the earth. God is not responsible. He is no longer creating clouds, rain, or sunshine. Storms results from changes in the atmosphere, not from God being angry
Let us stop looking at God with judging eyes of humanity, and see Him as the loving Father who has already provided for His children and wish above all that we stay in good health, and have an abundant life. (Jn.10:10). God gave mankind the Bible so mankind would know the way. God created everything by speaking it into existence, and when He finished creating, all His creations were complete, including mankind. What if the sun forgot what God created it to do? Or the trees forgot to do what God called them to do? God is not human, He created humans, and gave them control of this earth, and if we refuse to take control of the earth we are refusing God’s gift to humanity. Just think about it, if God controlled our every move then God would be worn out by now. His nerves would be finished, His hair would be gray, and He would be angry with man’s pretense of knowing Him.
Jn. 3:16 tells us that God so loved the world, that he gave up His only Begotten Son. God will always love mankind, but tragically mankind is unaware of God’s love. If people could see God’s love surrounding them, in the sun, the rain, the birds, the trees, and the air they breathe, they would never again question God’s authority