I can hear many disagreeing with the title, but if you will keep an open heart you will know and understand why it was impossible for Jesus to cry out in despair. First let me say that in my walk with the Father I began armed with misinformation from unholy men pretending they knew God, and what I was told or read in the King James Version, in someone’s Bible study, plus my walk with God was limited to the time I spent congregating with other religious being, and blindly following organized religious mandates in hopes of being acceptable to God. Today I know there are some things we are taught and some things we read in the Holy Bible or the Holy Koran that has nothing to do with God. Yes, I did say some things we read in the Scriptures are the farthest one can get from the truth of God. How is it possible that the Bible or the Koran could be fallible? Well, imagine if you will, a hundred people being told to whisper five words in a specific order to one another, how many interpretations of the five words do you think you would get? Unless the hundred people have an inward connection to the words or the order they were given in, there will be multiple interpretations of the original five words.
Before going farther I can tell you that unless you truly want to hear from God, you will not. That is why so many are failing as they beg and plead with God daily to help them. Jesus plainly taught that only those who had ears could hear. Only those who love the Father will take time to listen at Him and follow. Since Jesus represented God on earth whatever He taught about God was uplifting to mankind, but many could not accept the simple truth about God the Father, so they distorted the truth and confused those seeking after truth. But, be of good cheer for those seeking truth are being fed and will one day come to know him face to face.
The heart is willing to receive the truth always but the mind, a product of the world and pride fights anything foreign to it. This is why it is easy to follow someone who sounds and acts holy, and rejects anything different. Many of us sit with the Bible open listening at someone teaching their interpretation of God’s word, but how many of us actually seek to have God translate His words in our hearts.
I am about ready to point out a grave mistake in the Bible and to give scriptural proof that everything written in the Holy Bible is not Holy, so hold unto your hats and open your hearts.
Now let us agree on a few basic facts about Jesus that most Christians seem to agree on.
1. Jesus was the Son of God
2. Jesus came to bring mankind back into relationship with God
3. Jesus never punished anyone
4. Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit before starting His ministry on earth
5. Jesus healed every type of sickness mental and physical
6. Jesus often reminded all that God was a loving Father and said He was in the Father and the Father was within Him
7. The above statements are agreed upon by most Christians and rightly so, for the foundation of Jesus relationship with God must be established in our hearts be fore moving to a higher level of understanding. With our hearts prepared and waiting to receive the truth let us get to the point. The point being did Jesus cry out on the cross that God had forsaken Him, and would not a doubting Savior be unfit to save mankind, and prove that God makes mistakes? If Jesus thought God would forsake Him why did He tell His disciples it was better for Him to go away, so the Comforter would come and guide them. (Jn. 16:7), and in Jn. 16:5, Jesus said He was going back to the Father which sent Him. And there are many scriptures just before Jesus is crucified which tell how He attempt-ed to uplift His disciples, and rid them of their fear of His death. In Jn. 14:27 Jesus gives His disciples His own peace and implores them not to be worried. Now possibly a worried person would tell someone else not to worry, but we can be sure that Jesus offered peace to His disciples because He had perfect peace. In Jn. 14:28 Jesus tells His disciples that if they really loved Him they would be happy for Him to go back to the Father, again it would make no sense to tell someone to be happy if you are sad.
Let me also assure you that I have read all four gospels, and only Mark and Mat. records Jesus crying out in a loud voice as to why the Father had forsaken Him. Luke records Jesus crying out in a loud voice that His work on earth was finished. John’s recordings say after Jesus received sour wine He hung His head and died.
If we look closer at theses scriptures we will see each agree that the sun was darkened, during the death of Jesus, and Jesus was crucified between two thieves. Mat. 27:45-47, Mark 15:34-35, agree that bystanders thought they heard Jesus call on the name of Elijah instead of, My God why has thou forsook Me. Luke 23:45-46 record Jesus crying out, "Father into your hands I commit My spirit." John 19:26-30 records Jesus having conversation with His disciples and His mother, then knowing His ministry was over, said in fulfillment of the Scriptures, I thirst. (Ps. 69:21). After Jesus was given sour wine He said, It is finished! And bowed His head and died.
Now the reason I have given Scriptures is to allow each person to read these accounts with their heart, and remember while you are reading be sure to allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten you.
A few facts surrounding Jesus death verify that it is unclear who spoke and what was said that day on Golgotha. But what is clear is when I tried to accept that Jesus cried out in anguish to the Father my heart rejected it and referred me back to many Scriptures.
1. Jn. 16:15 Jesus tells His disciples everything the Father owns belongs to Him.
2. Jesus says to know, perceive, and become acquainted with God the Father is eternal life.
3. There was darkness over all the land as Jesus died, which means visibility was limited.
4. Jesus hung between to robbers, which meant one of them could have screamed out in agony.
5. People standing around thought they heard Jesus call out the name Elijah.
Well I have started something I hope, in attacking what we see with our eyes, and what we learn in our head about God, for only when we are quiet in spirit and filled with the desire to know God will we understand Him. Remember Jesus came on earth to reveal the Father to mankind, so there could be no doubt that Jesus and God were of the same Spirit, and Jesus could have never felt neglected nor feared death. Jesus knew the only way back to His Heavenly Father, was physical death. If only we understood the joy of Jesus expected homeward journey, we too would rejoice when someone died.